Everyone wins – the business houses, retailers, field force, local community—else, why use advanced technology?


How the businesses win

Rich, real-time data which always mattered but simply didn't make sense to collect/maintain because of the unthinkable efforts it would have required to do it manually


Consumer Dialog Capacity (CDC) Index

  • Retailer’s influence
  • Ability to communicate product information
  • Micro–marketing opportunities
  • Ability to provide consumer feedback
  • Overall retail environment characteristics
  • Shop’s key purpose
  • Crowd composition
  • Avg time spent at different times of the day

Retail Disposition Funnel (RDF) Index

  • Does he advocate for your brand or company?
  • Does he support new product placement for your company or for your competition?
  • Does he actively participate in your trade loyalty programs? Or everyone’s programs?
  • Does he allow your field teams to run programs from his premise?
  • Individual outlet’s RDF index for industries and companies

Leftover stock and out-of-stocks cost retailers a whopping $1.1 trillion globally every year equating to 7.3% of global retail sales; and, sales forecasts are reportedly as low as 46% in accuracy.
— IHL Research Study 2015


How the retailers win

  • Category management advice
  • Own inventory and sales reports
  • Own financial insights, suggestions
  • Trade finance assistance
  • Request to restock
  • Submit complaints, queries directly to company offices
  • Participation in closed trade loyalty programs
  • Redeemable points, and ‘fringe benefits’

Retail and wholesale industry contributed 13.5% of national employment and 14% of the GDP in 2016-17.
— Ministry of Finance, and Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics 2017


How the field force wins

Bring in the power of AI to his/her merciless 'street challenges'—automate the entire journey, plan and predict route and visit managements, relationship calls, compliance and competition updates et al


How the local community wins

Develop and groom a strong team of local resources in the specialized areas of AI, blockchain, and advanced analytics